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Here on we want to offer lots of helpful information from piles of jobs to book-loads of resources, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you get the most out of the site...

Please remember is intended for veterinary surgeons.  Please do not show any content of the site, intended for members only, to other people and always SIGN OUT before leaving your computer.

1., as well as offering lots of our own content, also offers links to other sites, the vast majority of these are FREE for you to access.  We are currently working with many of these sites to get instant access for signed in VetGrad users, however in the meantime:

  •   Store your username and passwords for WikiVet, Vetpol and RCVS PDP site with  Simply sign-in and follow a link to these sites and you will be pormpted to store your details, securely on the VetGrad site.  That way next time you follow a link from to any of these sites, it will sign you in automatically.
  •   Consider using the same username and password for sites linked to from VetGrad as you do for – this way you will hopefully never forget your username and password! 

2.       Sign in to VetGrad – sounds simple but if you sign in to start with you’ll have access to more functions from the word go! 


3.       Set as the home page on your work PC, or even your home PC.   This way you can pop on to the site during the day to quickly look things up – no more frustrating book hunts!


4.       Give us your feedback – please, please tell us what you think and what you want to see on then we can keep growing the site and improving it for you - if you know a good resource, please share it with us so others can use it too.

5.  Use the latest version of your browser - this will help ensure the site displays correctly.  (Please note some versions of Internet Explorer 6 are currently unable to display the article on the home page.  If you use Internet Explorer 6 and wish to view the article, please select "10 Min Top Up" in the top menu.) 

6.  Please sign out when you have finished – help keep VetGrad secure for all our users.


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