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Find the latest news on Veterinary products from new product launches to licence changes, you'll find it all here...

  Milk withdrawal change Recent changes to the datasheet for Mamyzin® mean that the milk withdrawal is reduced from 108 hours to 96 hours and the dose is now 15 mg/kg for three consecutive days.
  Jurox launches expert guidelines for rabbit anaesthesia Jurox Ltd, manufacturer of Alfaxan® for dogs, cats and pet rabbits, has launched an informative booklet covering expert guidelines for rabbit anaesthesia.
  New BRD treatment features unique combination of antibiotic and NSAID A new treatment option for BRD (Bovine Respiratory Disease) is being launched in October 2017 featuring a unique combination of florfenicol and meloxicam.
  ‘Cat Friendly’ Award presented to scratch post enhancer, FELISCRATCH ‘Cat Friendly’ Award presented to scratch post enhancer, FELISCRATCH Ceva’s FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY®, a scratch post enhancer for cats, was presented with a ‘Cat Friendly’ Award by International Cat Care
  Ceva’s new carprofen, CARPRODYL QUADRI Ceva’s new carprofen, CARPRODYL QUADRI Ceva Animal Health has launched a new carprofen, CARPRODYL QUADRI, for the reduction of inflammation and pain caused by musculo-skeletal disorders and degenerative joint disease and for the management of post-operative pain.
  Innovation and improved user experience captured with new PRID Delta GT Innovation and improved user experience captured with new PRID Delta GT Ceva Animal Health is launching new PRID® Delta GT on 1 August 2017, building on the success of PRID Spiral (launched 1980s) and PRID Delta (2010).
  Ceva launches new spironolactone, PRILACTONEâ NEXT Ceva Animal Health has launched a new and improved spironolactone, PRILACTONE NEXT, for the treatment of congestive heart failure caused by degenerative mitral valve disease in dogs.
  Norbrook expands companion animal portfolio with Betafuse launch Norbrook Laboratories, has further expanded its companion animal portfolio with the launch of Betafuse Gel for dogs in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.
  Dechra launches new solution for feline chronic allergic dermatitis A popular treatment for atopic dermatitis in dogs has now been licensed for the symptomatic treatment of chronic allergic dermatitis in cats.
  Virbac launches Canine Epilepsy Treatment, EpiRepress© Dosing and dispensing made easy with the launch of Virbac’s Canine Epilepsy Treatment, EpiRepress©
  New Look for Virbac Aquadent Vet Aquadent, an easy-to-use drinking water additive which helps to fight dental plaque and tartar formation in dogs and cats, is being given a new look for 2017.
  LOGIC® Diar-stop renamed LOGIC® Firm Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of the leading range of veterinary strength supplements LOGIC® for cats and dogs, has renamed its supplement to support digestion, LOGIC® Firm.
  New 50-dose pack size for Bovela® Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced a new 50-dose pack for its BVD vaccine, Bovela.
  Novel BVD vaccine, Bovela, used to protect over 500,000 cattle In the 18 months since it was launched on the UK market, BVD vaccine Bovela® from Boehringer Ingelheim has been used to protect over 500,000 cattle across the country from the devastating effects of the disease.
  SuperDog & Battersea Dogs & Cats Home raise awareness of dog health and well-being SuperDog & Battersea Dogs & Cats Home announce partnership to raise awareness of dog health and well-being
  A revolutionary development for in-clinic urinalysis IDEXX Laboratories is pleased to announce the UK launch of SediVue Dx™.
  Bovela guarantee launch for extra peace of mind Boehringer Ingelheim has recently introduced the Bovela® guarantee to underpin its confidence in the live double-deleted vaccine, which makes use of the most up-to-date technology in its development and manufacture.
  Looking for an alternative spot-on for tick, flea and lice treatment? Amflee® Combo looks set to be the first generic fipronil/S-methoprene treatment launched into the UK market that will offer vets a wider choice of products when discussing flea and tick control options with clients this autumn.
  Boehringer launches larger and more convenient Semintra® bottle size Boehringer Ingelheim has launched a new 100 ml bottle size for Semintra to help facilitate long-term compliance and convenience for owners of cats with chronic kidney disease.
  Boehringer Ingelheim introduces Metacam® 40 mg/ml Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced a new formulation of its large animal NSAID.
  Elanco launches first veterinary immune restorative for dairy cows A new, first-of-its-kind product set to revolutionise the way the profession addresses transition disease, with the potential to help reduce antibiotic usage.
  Added flexibility for Boehringer Ingelheim PRRS vaccines Boehringer Ingelheim is introducing two new pack sizes for its Ingelvac® PRRS EU vaccine
  New liquid hyperthyroid treatment for cats from Norbrook Norbrook has announced the launch of NEW Thyronorm® Oral Solution for Cats, the easy to use liquid alternative to tablets.
  New move by Dechra to help dispensing Dechra Veterinary Products have launched two new initiatives to improve dispensing in veterinary practices across the UK and Ireland.
  Virbac Unveils NEW Defensin™ Technology Virbac Unveils NEW Defensin™ Technology at the World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology logo Protect against fleas and ticks with Effipro Duo® Virbac Offers Protection from Fleas, Ticks and Household Infestations with Launch of Effipro Duo®
  Lintbells debut new supplement range Lintbells debuted their new look supplement range at BSAVA Congress last weekend.
  Boehringer Ingelheim launches ProZinc, a new cat insulin product ProZinc is a new cat insulin product that is optimised for twice-daily dosing and comes in a 60-day owner-friendly package, was launched by Boehringer Ingelheim at BSAVA Congress.
  World’s first ambulatory light-based imaging device for dogs launched at BSAVA Congress Launching the world’s first ambulatory light-based imaging device for dogs to the UK market, Infiniti Medical exhibited its new technology for the first time at BSAVA Congress.
  Comprehensive otitis treatment for dogs just got easier! Norbrook has announced the launch of NEW Marbodex Aural®, the most recent addition to its Otitis Management System for dogs.
  Launch of Virbac's Canigen Lepto4® vaccine aims to give practices choice Virbac has launched the Canigen Lepto4® vaccine to give practices both choice and flexibility to better meet the needs of their clients.
  Zoetis Launches Ketavet® Zoetis has announced the launch of Ketavet, the intravenous anaesthetic solution containing ketamine
  Sales of new BVD vaccine exceed predictions Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica has announced that, to the end of October 2015, sales of its new BVD vaccine, Bovela® have exceeded €1 million in the UK alone.
  Antibiotics vital to animal health To mark European Antibiotics Awareness Day on 18th November the BSAVA is urging the veterinary profession and pet owners to work together to slow the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and prevent the spread of resistant infections
  IDEXX introduces paperless lab test ordering Practices will be able to use a new function of the IDEXX VetConnect™ PLUS software to request external laboratory tests at the click of a button from October 22nd logo Boehringer Ingelheim launches two new PRRS vaccines Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica has increased its health protection range for UK pig producers with the introduction of two new vaccines against Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome
  Shelf Life Extension for Virbac's Cattle Parasiticide Neoprinil® Virbac's recently launched parasiticide Neoprinil has been granted a shelf life extension from one to two years after first opening
  Ceva enters European swine vaccine market with new, targeted vaccine Ceva enters European swine vaccine market with new, targeted vaccine to improve control of enzootic pneumoniae logo Introducing Hepaticare®, the new liver support supplement Ceva Animal Health has launched a new and improved liver support supplement, Hepaticare®.
  Fifteen-minute total T4 dry-slide test launched IDEXX Laboratories has increased the range of in-clinic diagnostic options with the launch of a total T4 dry-slide test, giving vets real-time access to additional chemistry information.
  Equimidine solution now available in 50% larger plastic bottle Zoetis has announced the introduction of Equimidine solution in a 50% larger plastic bottle. logo A new BVD vaccine has been developed to protect UK herds against the emerging BVD type 2 threat A new BVD vaccine, Bovela, has been developed by Boehringer Ingelheim to protect UK herds against the emerging BVD type 2 threat. logo Delegates To BEVA Congress Invited To Go For Gold With Dechra Veterinary professionals will get the chance to ‘go for gold’ at the launch of a unique antibiotic wound spray at the British Equine Veterinary Association Congress in Liverpool this month. logo Ceva extends its popular LOGIC® range Ceva Animal Health has extended its popular LOGIC® range with the launch of the new LOGIC® Ease range of palatable veterinary strength supplements for dogs and cats. logo New easy-to-administer oral antifungal for dogs Animalcare launches new easy-to-administer oral antifungal for dogs with 4-way split smart-tab for accurate dosing logo Elanco launches updated Atopica® Comfort Club Elanco Animal Health has launched an updated Atopica® Comfort Club, the support initiative for veterinary professionals treating either canine atopic dermatitis or feline allergic dermatitis cases with Atopica. logo Virbac launches Cattle Parasiticide range Neoprinil Virbac Extends Cattle Parasiticide Range with Launch of Neoprinil® logo New liquid complementary feed, Nutribound® from Virbac Virbac has launched Nutribound, a complementary feed which helps to stimulate eating and drinking in inappetent cats and dogs.
  Dechra launches 5 ml Comfortan® Dechra Veterinary Products has launched a new 5 ml bottle of its popular titratable analgesia for cats and dogs, Comfortan®. logo Virbac Launches Sulfatrim, the First Licensed TMPS Antibiotic for Rabbits Virbac has launched Sulfatrim, the first veterinary-licensed Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole oral antibiotic for use in rabbits, pigeons and bearded dragons logo Adding a new dimension with CT & MRI from BCF Technology BCF Technology have announced that they will now be supplying a range of CT & MRI systems, adding to their existing imaging portfolio.
  Zoetis Introduces Meloxicam Zoetis Introduces Meloxicam to Equine NSAID Portfolio logo CVS Extends MiPet Range CVS has boosted its fast-growing own brand MiPet range with the addition of two new products. logo Prinovox - a new prescription-only spot-on ectoparasiticide Virbac Launches New Broad Spectrum Parasiticide Prinovox® logo Remend Wound Spray Gel This year’s BSAVA Congress sees the launch of an innovative new product from the experts at Bayer Animal Health: Remend Wound Spray Gel, which represents a valuable contribution to veterinary wound management. logo Ceva launches new and improved Adaptil® and Feliway® Following a $10 million global investment into the behaviour category, Ceva Animal Health has launched the new and improved Adaptil® and Feliway® ranges to enhance their status as the world’s number one behaviour brands. logo First treatment to delay canine congestive heart failure as a result of DCM New indication for Vetmedin® extends life expectancy for Dobermans in pre-clinical DCM stage logo Pet owners confused by anti-parasitics Pet owners are increasingly confused by anti-parasitics
  BCF launch new Vita Flex X-ray with 5 year warranty Diagnostic imaging company BCF Technology have just launched the new Vita Flex CR X-ray system from Carestream. logo Ceva announces Vetergesic® is back in stock Ceva announces Vetergesic® is back in stock with new packaging and celebrates with a spring offer across its entire analgesic product range logo New size for ketamine-based anaesthetic Dechra introduces larger size for ketamine-based anaesthetic logo Fast flea protection for cats…no bite required Ceva extends its ectoparasite range with the launch of Vectra® Felis
  Norbrook® expands its mastitis control portfolio Norbrook® expands its mastitis control portfolio with powerful Cefquinome preparation logo Ceva launches new Feliway® TV ad in time for Christmas Ceva has announced a major new advertising campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of Feliway® amongst cat owners logo Isaderm® the new treatment for dermatitis Dechra reveals rebrand for leading dermatological treatment
  Vulketan® for equine wound healing Vulketan® -an innovative and vet only approach for effective equine wound healing
  Brand new webinar available on the effects of joint supplementation in dogs and a chance win a £500 Webinar video about groundbreaking study into the effect of joint supplementation on canine mobility launches
  New Feline Urinary Health Supplement YURELIEVE launches Lintbells Veterinary Launches New Feline Urinary Health Supplement YURELIEVE
  See the new SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder in action at the London Vet Show this week. Visit stand N60 to see SureFeed® in action! logo Logic® is a breath of fresh air for pet owners Pets with bad breath is a thing of the past with Ceva Animal Health’s new Oral Hygiene Gel logo New product to tackle atopic dermatitis in dogs Latest product unveiled as part of Dechra's campaign to support vets treating dogs with dermatological problems logo Equisolon®, the first oral prednisolone for horses Boehringer launches Equisolon®, the first oral prednisolone for horses
  No more stolen meals with the new SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Feeding pets is made so much easier with the new SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder logo New equine DR X-ray system from BCF The new generation of wireless equine DR X-ray system from BCF logo Dechra takes a stride forward with Osphos® Dechra Veterinary Products is to launch an intramuscular Clodronic acid injection, Osphos®. logo Go 'itch-free' for 2 weeks Royal Canin urges vets to go ‘itch-free’ with 2 weeks’ free elimination diet
  Learn how to control your pet's parasites Elanco launches new ‘common parasites of dogs’ education tool
  New lower starting dose announced for Vetoryl A new lower recommended starting dose has been announced for Vetoryl treatment for dogs with Cushing's syndrome
  Virbac launches Pronefra Pronefra® ­- a unique 4-in-1 product to aid in the management of CKD with proven palatability
  New educational films launched for pet owners Elanco launches new Surolan® and Surosolve™ Ear Treatment Client Education Films
  New slimmer smaller microchip available From hamsters to horses – the new Tracer Advance Slim microchip bring benefits to all creatures great and small
  Bayer launches new parasite pack size offering Profender, the spot-on wormer for cats, will now be available in a 20 pack size logo New Carprox Vet® from Virbac Virbac launches new treatment to prevent post-operative pain in dogs and cats logo Recover with Recuvyra™ Elanco launches new ordering process for Recuvyra™ logo New smaller size of microchip launched Launch of new slim microchip brings big opportunities for vet practices
  New flea and tick treatment for dogs MSD Animal Health launches Bravecto promising to transform the treatment of fleas and ticks
  NexGard - parasite control for dogs Merial unveils pet-focused parasite control products for vets
  BROADLINE - parasite protection for cats Merial unveils pet-focused parasite control products for vets logo Vetmedin® 10mg chewable tablets for large dogs Boehringer launches new Vetmedin® 10mg chewable tablets logo Adaptil - sponsors of Crufts 2014 Awareness of the benefits of Adaptil was on the up this year at Crufts logo Bayer reveals new addition to parasite protection portfolio Advocate®, the spot-on parasiticide for pets, is now available in a new 21-pack format logo Protect against fleas, ticks and flies with Vectra 3D Ceva launches innovative ectoparasiticide for dogs, Vectra 3D® logo UK's number one veterinary joint support supplement in new trial size Boehringer launches Seraquin® dispensing strips logo What is your dog scared of? Brand new oral canine anxiolytic provides vets with an effective option to offer clients logo Managing heart failure in dogs New publication highlights the benefits and efficacy of spironolactone for dogs with heart failure logo New treatment for kidney disease in cats New treatment for cats with chronic kidney disease: Boehringer Ingelheim launches Semintra® logo A new 3 in 1 tablet to protect your dog Elanco launches Trifexis® - a new three-in-one tablet offering protection against fleas, intestinal parasites and heartworm logo Back to Basics A new introductory text aimed at veterinary students, nurses and new graduates has been published logo Marfloquin launched by Virbac Marfloquin, a marbofloxacin-based antibiotic for cats and dogs launched by Virbac logo Cans for cats Royal Canin Launches Cans for Cats logo Ceva introduces dental and strength supplement range Ceva’s nutraceuticals rebranded under its popular LOGIC® brand logo New vaccine to prevent Johne's Disease in sheep Virbac Launches Map Vaccine, Gudair logo Pocket size dog wipes Vetruus introduce a pocket size pack of CLX Wipes logo Feliway® Cystease™ for cats Ceva rebrands urinary tract support supplement Feliway® Cystease™
  Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus Introducing the new ectoparasiticides - Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus logo New anti-epileptic medication launched Boehringer Ingelheim launches the novel anti-epileptic medication Pexion® logo New anti-epileptic medication launched Boehringer Ingelheim launches the novel anti-epileptic medication Pexion® logo New marbofloxacin launched Ceva launches MarboxidinTM – the new tasty and cost-effective marbofloxacin logo Ovatec Plus Ovatec Plus: the easy way of counting eggs before they hatch logo Elanco launches Recuvyra™ Elanco launches Recuvyra™ for four days of pain control in a single dose logo Comfortis® for Cats Comfortis® is now available for cats and in two new sizes logo OXYGLOBIN® Dechra Veterinary Products presents OXYGLOBIN® - The Oxygen Bridge logo Elanco launches Dexdomitor® Elanco launches Dexdomitor® 0.1 mg/ml logo New Vetmedin Solution for Dogs Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica has launched Vetmedin Solution for Injection for dogs. logo BCF's New Vita CR X-ray System BCF announce new veterinary specific version of Vita CR X-ray system logo Royal Canin Launch New Client Education Tool Royal Canin will be holding a special seminar at London Vet Show as part of the launch of their new cleint education tool, Catom. logo Duvaxyn® IE and IE-T Plus vacines for equine influenza Elanco Companion Animal Health announces that it's Duvaxyn® IE and IE-T Plus vaccines are first UK EI vaccines licensed for active immunisation against equine influenza. logo Cevazuril for Cocci in Piglets Ceva Animal Health have launched Cevazuril for the treatment of coccidiosis in suckling piglets
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