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The Laminitis Revolution continues with an online broadcast for horse owners


Following the incredible success of Boehringer Ingelheim’s ‘The Laminitis Revolution’ online broadcast this spring, which was watched by over 2,000 viewers, a second programme has been announced to support the autumn ‘Talk About Laminitis’ disease awareness initiative.

The programme will feature presentations by some of the country’s leading experts on laminitis, PPID (Cushing’s disease) and nutrition. Taking place at 8pm on Wednesday October 9, the broadcast aims to educate horse owners about the hormonal diseases that cause up to nine out of 10 laminitis cases and describes new data to dispel the myth that Cushing’s disease only affects veteran horses and ponies, when in fact it can be responsible for the development of laminitis in adult horses of all ages. The informative topics discussed will be presented by: Dr Jo Ireland, veterinary epidemiologist at The Animal Health Trust, Newmarket; David Rendle, European specialist in equine internal medicine, Liphook Equine Hospital; and Dr Teresa Hollands, RNutr, equine nutritionist.

Immediately following the programme there will be a live interactive Q&A session where horse owners will be able to email in questions for Jo, David and Teresa to answer. Owners can register to view ‘The Laminitis Revolution 2’, or can watch the first programme, by visiting

Liz Barrett, equine business manager at Boehringer, comments: “Our hugely popular spring programme revealed how veterinary understanding of the causes of laminitis has led to a new proactive approach in managing the condition, which will help reduce the risk of future painful episodes. The programme received rave reviews from owners and we are certain that ‘The Laminitis Revolution 2’ will be an unmissable sequel for people struggling with this debilitating condition in their horse.”

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