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Next generation fluoroquinolone launched for cats and dogs - and the first fluoroquinolone to be used in periodontal infections in dogs!

Bayer Animal Health has launched a next generation fluoroquinolone antimicrobial - Veraflox® (pradofloxacin) - with an enhanced spectrum of activity, for the treatment of bacterial infections in cats and dogs.

 A new generation fluoroquinolone antimicrobial for cats and dogs called Veraflox (pradofloxacin) has been launched by Bayer Animal Health

Bayer Animal Health’s marketing manager Dr Markus Edingloh explains: “Veraflox, with its molecular compound pradofloxacin, developed exclusively for veterinary medicine, marks a major leap forward in veterinary antibiotic therapy and patient care.


“Veraflox has an enhanced spectrum of antimicrobial activity which encompasses Gram-positive and anaerobic bacteria. In addition, Veraflox has demonstrated high levels of bactericidal activity against target pathogens including activity against dormant bacteria typically found in chronic infections.”


For cats, a specially formulated oral suspension is available in which a fine-grained ion exchange agent binds to the antibiotic, allowing it to pass the cat’s taste buds undetected. This innovation has been adopted specifically to ensure the product is palatable to cats, and help ensure owner compliance. The oral suspension comes with a mess-free syringe with both millilitre and gramme graduations, and so also helps ensure accurate dosing.


Veraflox oral suspension is indicated for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, wound infections and abscesses. The 15mg tablet is also licensed in cats for treating upper respiratory tract infections.


In dogs, in addition to its other indications, Veraflox is also very effective at combatting anaerobic bacteria that play a major role in aggressive bone destruction in periodontal disease. It is the first fluoroquinolone to be licensed in dogs for the adjunctive treatment of severe infections of the gingiva and periodontal tissues.


In addition to its dental claim for dogs, Veraflox is also indicated for the treatment of wound infections, superficial and deep pyoderma, and acute urinary tract infections. It is available as a once-daily flavoured tablet.


Dr Edingloh further explains: “The unique chemistry and way in which Veraflox works gives it superior antibacterial activity compared with existing fluoroquinolones. In addition, during field studies, Veraflox was shown to be superior to other leading antibiotic products.”


Dr Edingloh concludes: “Pradofloxacin has been proven to have a wide spectrum of activity, outstanding antibacterial activity, and an excellent safety margin. Its pharmacokinetic features ensure this active ingredient can rapidly get to the site of infection, at which it has a great impact on the pathogen population.


“One of the most common reasons for treatment failure where antibiotics are concerned is lack of owner compliance.  The availability of Veraflox as an oral suspension with a graded syringe for cats, will enable more accurate dosing, far easier administration and so ensure higher cure rates.


“The launch of Veraflox is the first major advance in its class, since the introduction of Baytril, the first veterinary fluoroquinolone, over 20 years ago. Veraflox provides vets with more predictability, reliability and peace of mind, especially in difficult to treat infections.”

For further information from Bayer Animal Health please contact Caroline Braidwood:

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