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Ceva Animal Health has introduced Cevazuril®, a toltrazuril-based oral solution for the control of diarrhoea in sucking pigs. Cevazuril® is a fast-action, one-dose treatment that comes in two pack sizes, both with dosing pumps, for convenient administration to large or small herds.


Newborn sucking piglets are especially sensitive to coccidiosis and infection may result in lost daily gain of almost 2kg in the first 28 days, due to diarrhoea. The control of coccidiosis using toltrazuril prevents damage to the intestinal mucosa caused by the developmental stages of Isospora suis, helping to preserve digestive function and maintain optimal growth rate.


Toltrazuril is absorbed very slowly in the intestine for longer-lasting action. It works on all intracellular developmental stages of coccidia and reduces oocyst production, even if administered after the appearance of the first oocysts in the faeces of the host.


Extensive trials showed that three day old piglets treated with toltazuril at 20mg/kg gained 801 grams at weaning and 1601 grams by the end of the post-weaning period compared to control pigs.


Cevazuril® is available in a 250ml pack with a pump or a one litre pack with a multi-dose injector. It complements Ceva’s comprehensive swine portfolio which includes the antimicrobials Cevaxel®, Coliscour®, Florkem®, Marbox®, Spectam® Scourhalt and Tiamvet®. For further product information contact Ceva Animal Health Ltd, 90 The Broadway, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 1EG, telephone 01494 781510 or visit the website at


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