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Equidronate® is the new name for Tildren®, Ceva Animal Health’s tiludronate-based bisphosphonate infusion for the treatment of bone spavin in horses.

Tiludronate has been used to treat bone spavin and navicular disease in Europe for many years and was licensed for bone spavin in the UK in 2008. Trials published last year show that horses suffering lameness caused by bone spavin can show marked improvement following treatment with an Equidronate® infusion, in combination with controlled exercise.

Bone spavin is a chronic aseptic osteoarthritis of the distal tarsal joints and is considered to be one of the most common forms of hindlimb lameness in the horse. Horses with bone spavin experience abnormal bone remodeling changes. Equidronate® helps to modulate the osteoclasts to help prevent excessive bone removal and give the osteoblasts a chance to catch up. This in combination with adjusting levels of exercise helps to harmonise the bone adaptation needed for the horse to perform its athletic duties.

In the trials one in four horses showed marked improvement; two in four showed improvement, which, when combined with other treatment, enabled the horse to resume former levels of activity and one in four horses showed no response.

Ceva Animal Health has produced a range of explanatory leaflets for horse owners on bone spavin, navicular disease and sacroiliac disease, as well as a helpful booklet detailing the discharge procedures for horses that have been treated with Equidronate®.

For free copies and for further product information contact your Ceva sales representative or Ceva Animal Health Ltd, 90 The Broadway, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 1EG, telephone 01494 781510 or visit the website at

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