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As we gathered in the common room in Cambridge ready for our 10am start on Saturday morning (well it was better than doing Saturday morning consults at least) chatting to some very familiar faces, while sipping tea or coffee, to clear last night’s hangover it was as if we’d never left university.

Then a one or two people started to say that the day would involve some role plays – the reaction to this was fairly unanimous, nobody felt like taking part in role plays.  We all just wanted to sit through the requisite lectures so we could qualify for the main event – the dinner!

As we entered the lecture theatre and took up the same seats we had occupied for much of our fifth year at Cambridge, it became apparent that the role plays wouldn’t require any acting from us but would be played out by actors - and the relief was palpable.

The much feared role plays actually turned out to be extremely amusing while still managing to improve our communication skills, which for most of us had probably started to decline.  I don’t wish to spoil any upcoming VDS reunions but the lectures turned out to be highly entertaining with several clips from The League of Gentlemen thrown in to keep us laughing.

The day turned out to be significantly better than I think anyone had imagined and I think the fact that Ian, who fell asleep in almost every lecture he ever attended, didn’t nod off once sums it up!

The dinner and disco in the evening was what everyone had really come for and obviously was great fun although you may find yourself in need of a bar to supplement the wine on your table.

Having attended my reunion at Cambridge I would strongly encourage anyone in two minds about going to their VDS reunion to GO as if it’s half as good our weekend you’ll have a great time!

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