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Bayer launches Baycox® Iron Injection combination in Europe

Bayer has launched Baycox® Iron suspension for injection for piglets across Europe following marketing authorization from the European Commission.

Baycox® Iron Injection is indicated for the concurrent prevention of clinical signs of coccidiosis (such as diarrhoea) in neonatal piglets on farms with a confirmed history of coccidiosis caused by Cystoisospora suis, and the prevention of iron deficiency anaemia.

“Piglets go through intense handling in their first days of life. While this is done to give them a better start to life and protect them from disease, it can also cause a lot of stress. Measures to reduce the need for piglet handling can make an important contribution to enhancing piglet well-being in the farrowing pen,” said Professor Nicole Kemper, Director of the Institute for Animal Hygiene, Animal Welfare and Farm Animal Behaviour, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany.

Coccidiosis and iron deficiency in piglets are among every swine professionals’ key concerns.

“A combination therapy that can effectively address these concerns with reduced handling can make a real difference for pig health and well-being. At the same time, farmers and workers can benefit from the reduced labor. For example, on a 1,000 sow farm, the reduced complexity is estimated to save up to one full work day every month.  We are pleased to offer Baycox® Iron Injection to swine professionals across Europe, as an effective and convenient option to further improve swine health and management,” said Octavio Orlovsky Eckhardt, Head of Species Marketing Swine at Animal Health, Bayer.

For more information on Baycox® Iron Injection, contact your local Bayer Animal Health representative.

About Coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a major parasitic disease affecting a wide range of domestic and wild animals. In pigs, Cystoisospora suis is the most pathogenic species of swine coccidian, mainly affecting suckling piglets and causing symptoms such as pasty to watery diarrhea and weight loss. The disease will impact a piglet’s health and performance throughout its life. Long-term consequences include lower growth rates, increasing the number of days to achieve market weight and related costs. Due to its worldwide presence, coccidiosis is considered to be one of major causes of economic losses for farmers.

About Iron Deficiency Anemia

Piglets are at risk of developing iron deficiency anemia in the early stages of their life due to their rapid growth, the limited iron reserves at birth, and the low levels of iron provided through the sow’s milk. Iron deficiency anemia will manifest in poor growth levels and ill thrift. To ensure proper health and development, supplementation of iron in the first week of the piglet’s life is a standard practice in swine farms worldwide.

About Baycox® Iron Injection

Bayer introduced the first toltrazuril based oral solution (Baycox® 5%) for swine more than 20 years ago, helping farmers to prevent the clinical signs of coccidiosis (such as diarrhoea) in neonatal piglets with a single oral treatment. The latest innovation, Baycox® Iron (36 mg/ml toltrazuril plus 182 mg/ml gleptoferron) suspension for injection for piglets, combines the prevention of clinical signs of coccidiosis with the prevention of iron deficiency anaemia in one easy-to-administer injection. It is available in Europe in a 100ml bottle.

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