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New BRD treatment features unique combination of antibiotic and NSAID

A new treatment option for BRD (Bovine Respiratory Disease) is being launched in October 2017 featuring a unique combination of florfenicol and meloxicam. The two active ingredients have been widely used by veterinarians to treat BRD in the past and are now conveniently available in one injection. 

Zeleris® from Ceva Animal Health, has been developed in response to demand from farm animal vets for such a product combination. To ensure ease of delivery, the syringeabilty of Zeleris is proven to be four times faster than similar treatments, even on cold days, so it could soon become the product of choice for many practitioners and their clients.

“BRD remains the most significant cause of death in young-stock and it is known that pulmonary inflammation can have a long-lasting effect on growth rates and liveweight gain,” says Ruth Vernon, consultant veterinary surgeon with Ceva. “By combining florfenicol, a molecule not used in human medicine with meloxicam, a proven and well-used NSAID, Zeleris offers veterinary surgeons the chance to use a single shot product which returns animals to productivity rapidly.”

Studies have shown that 172 days following treatment, cattle treated with the combination of antibiotic and meloxicam had significantly higher liveweights than those treated with antibiotic and saline. 

 Mean liveweights 172 days after treatment with either antibiotic and saline or antibiotic and meloxicam.

“Additional field trial work showed that Zeleris delivered a cure rate of 93.9% at day seven, compared to 88.5% for florfenicol alone,” adds Mrs Vernon. “And additional studies have proved that the treatment further minimises the impact of lung lesions, which is significant for the future performance of the animal.”


  • Specific combination of florfenicol and meloxicam for BRD
  • Easy-to-remember 1ml/10kg treatment rate
  • Single shot
  • CLAS® packaging – unique, hi-tech, robust, shock resistant vial ideal for farm conditions
  • Excellent syringeability, even at low temperatures
  • Available in 100ml and 250ml sizes at launch and 50ml in early 2018

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