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BEVA’s Internship Programme continues to guide graduates 

BEVA’s Internship Awareness Programme, launched at Congress two years ago, is continuing to deliver an important service for graduates. IAP increases exposure of veterinary opportunities to new graduates and enables equine veterinary practices and universities to disseminate the right information to the right applicants.

The programme aims to give young graduates as much support as possible to help them make the most informed decisions at this stage of their careers. The provision of a detailed list of current equine veterinary internship providers in the UK, together with basic information on what they offer, the type of candidate sought and how to apply for the position, makes it easier for graduates to review and compare options available. Over the next 12 months further details of the training programmes on offer will be incorporated into the new BEVA website. This will allow potential applicants to select post-graduate training that best matches their career goals. 

In addition, BEVA will launch a mentoring programme for new and recent veterinary graduates from the new membership year. This will allow new members to tap into the knowledge and experience of BEVA council members.

“It is clear from the Vet Futures survey that many recent veterinary graduates are unsatisfied in their careers. My career has only been possible with the support of some fantastic mentors and their guidance and it is my aim to ensure all BEVA members have access to the same encouragement and care,” explained Vicki Nicholls, BEVA president elect and IAP working party member. 

The list of current providers of internship programmes in the UK is available from BEVA student representatives or can be viewed online at on the jobs section page. Advertising on the BEVA IAP, as with advertisements throughout the jobs section, is free to BEVA members and can be viewed by members and non-members equally. For further information visit

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