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A new anatomical teaching aid from Royal Canin

Royal Canin has launched a new online tool exclusively to veterinary students in advance of a wider release to vet practices. NATOM provides an extensive archive of anatomical information and details most of the common disease processes we see in cats and dogs.

NATOM (‘aNATOMical map’) delivers an interactive learning experience to students with 360 degree navigation, three levels of zoom, full image annotation and the ability to bespoke images and save them for future reference. Users can use the charts to study the skeletal, nervous, circulatory, muscular, visceral and more superficial layers. In addition there are ‘special views’ of over 100 common disease processes which graphically describe illness presentation, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment as well as giving pointers on long-term management. All information can be personalised by the user, who can add comments, sketches and upload other files before saving and sharing the information.

Lee Danks, Veterinary Scientific Support Manager, said: “Moving forward we’re all becoming accustomed to communicating on-line and using digital platforms to learn and communicate. The feline module of NATOM (released in 2013 as CatomTM) was first developed to assist vets and nurses consulting with cat-owners. Those who work in veterinary education however have a unique view of the software: it provides clear, concise and accurate information to students who are able to use it as a learning and revision tool. All content is written and verified by experts in anatomy and small animal practice with significant contributions from Alex German, Tim Gruffydd-Jones and Kit Sturgess. I think the release of NATOM on our Vet Student Network site will be well received.”

Students interested in the new tool can register for free on ROYAL CANIN’s Vet Student Network website:

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