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Improve International launches OCQ(V) to help Official Veterinarians deliver Cymorth TB in Wales

Improve International, the veterinary CPD specialist which handles Official Veterinarians training in England, Scotland and Wales, has launched a new OCQ(V) to prepare OVs to deliver Cymorth TB, a Welsh Government initiative which provides advice, support and bespoke veterinary interventions for all Welsh cattle keepers in the fight against bovine TB.

The new OCQ(V) aims to minimise the impact of bovine TB, clear up breakdowns more rapidly and to prevent the disease from spreading. It equips OVs with the skills to provide support and advice to farmers whose cattle have TB, whose neighbours have TB or to maintain Officially TB Free status. It is open to all vets but expected to be taken mainly by Welsh veterinary surgeons already appointed as OVs to undertake TB testing of cattle and other species. Revalidation is required every two years.

Commenting, Sue Hay MRCVS, Head of Practical Skills Training at Improve International, said: "In order to carry out Cymorth TB-related work for the Welsh Government, vets must hold this qualification though the knowledge gained will also be useful in related areas. They must also hold the existing OCQ(V) Essential Skills foundation module applicable to all OVs and the OCQ(V) in Tuberculin Testing.

"The new qualification enables vets to build on their knowledge, giving them the information and training they require to deliver a high quality, herd health-focussed, disease-management farm visit to affected farmers as part of the Cymorth programme. Topics covered include the TB disease management process; farm/herd biosecurity and informed purchasing." 

Professor Christianne Glossop, Chief Veterinary Officer of Wales, added: "The OCQ(V) has been funded by the Welsh Government and will be available in both English and Welsh. The Welsh Government is offering a number of subsidised places and more information will be made available through the Veterinary Delivery Partners. Cymorth TB is a key component of our TB Eradication Programme."

Ifan Lloyd, a senior partner at St James Vet Group, Swansea and one of the first Welsh vets to qualify for the OCQ(V), said: "Holders of the OCQ(V) Cymorth TB are focused on providing primary health care for the herd. The enhanced support programme builds on the existing working relationship between veterinary  practices and their farmer clients; their understanding of the health of the herd and their knowledge of the local disease situation.”

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