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Ceva donates first piece of veterinary equipment to RVC as part of young vet initiative

As part of its "reprodAction" Young Vet Initiative, Ceva Animal Health has donated its first piece of veterinary equipment, a cattle ultrasound scanner to the Royal Veterinary College.

A vital piece of equipment for managing cattle fertility, the ultrasound unit will be used by students in the department of Production and Population Health which is responsible for the RVC's teaching and research activities in farm animal medicine, animal welfare, epidemiology, economics and veterinary public health.

John Fishwick, Head of Department of Production and Population Health at RVC, comments: "We are extremely grateful to Ceva for very generously proving this ultrasound scanner. It will be used for training our final year tracking students while based at our regional veterinary centre in Dorset.  These are students who have chosen to spend some of their final specialising in production animal work."

"We aim to ensure that all our students get a thorough training in the manual examination of the reproductive tract of cattle and this includes working with cadaver material and live cows. This teaching is supplemented with the use of various simulators. For those who wish to get more specialist experience in production animal work, this donation allows us to further enhance their skills by providing thorough training in the use of ultrasound. We aim to ensure that our graduates have the training they need for production animal work" John continues.

Sophie Mahendren part of the RVC's veterinary team, training final year students in Dorset

Ceva Animal Health's reprodAction Young Vet Initiative was set up in September 2014 to help those new to dairy medicine further their knowledge in cattle reproduction. As well as donating vital equipment, the scheme also provides high quality cattle fertility CPD courses and specific farm animal reproductive medicine student elective sponsorship.

Carol Atkinson, product manager for the Ceva reproduction ranges says: "Through its teaching and research, the RVC's department of production and population health has taught thousands of veterinary students how to manage farm animal reproduction, whilst promoting high standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming methods. We are delighted that this ultrasound scanner donation, part of our reprodAction Young Vet Initiative, will help develop students' expertise in cattle reproduction work, which is exactly what the scheme is all about."

Those interested in finding out more about the reprodAction Young Vet Initiative should speak to their Ceva territory manager.

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