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New indication for Vetmedin® extends life expectancy for Dobermans in pre-clinical DCM stage

Vetmedin Chewable Tablets are now the first veterinary cardiology product licensed for treating pre-clinical dilated cardiomyopathy, potentially helping extend the lives of thousands of Dobermans, a breed which is at risk of developing DCM.

Granted the additional indication in early 2015, Vetmedin is the only treatment proven to delay the onset of congestive heart failure when given to dogs with pre-clinical DCM.

DCM is the most common form of cardiomyopathy in dogs and the second most common form of acquired heart disease in dogs. Typically, up to half (25 – 50%) of Doberman Pinschers develop DCM in their lifetime and before congestive heart failure develops, over a quarter (25 – 30%) of these dogs will suffer sudden death. Despite optimal treatment, survival time once in CHF is short at just 2 – 4 months, with a fatality rate of at least 90% after a year.

Doberman Pinschers

Traditionally, there have been no licensed therapies available to vets to slow the progression of heart disease during the pre-clinical stage.  However, peer-reviewed independent data from PROTECT, the first study in veterinary cardiology of its kind, proves that early intervention with Vetmedin at pre-clinical stages in Dobermans Pinschers can significantly delay the onset of CHF, increasing life expectancy and quality of life for patients.

Robert Lucy, Vetmedin brand manager, Boehringer Ingelheim UK, said: “The PROTECT study, and the resulting new indication for Vetmedinis groundbreaking. For the first time ever, we are now not only able to manage congestive heart failure, but to significantly delay it. By acting sooner, we’ll be able to alter the course of disease progression, ultimately increasing survival and allowing more pet owners to spend more time with their beloved dogs. Key to this will be giving vets the support and confidence in recognising the subtle signs of pre-clinical DCM. We plan to support veterinary professionals with new educational materials, including a screening algorithm, to help the diagnostic process.”

The new indication for Vetmedinis being announced by Boehringer Ingelheim during BSAVA Congress, 9 – 12 April 2015. Boehringer Ingelheim is committed to ensuring veterinary surgeons can provide their patients with the latest advancements in cardiac care via its dedicated and continued investment. 


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