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Pet owners are increasingly confused by anti-parasitics

Recent researchby Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of Milbactor®, Vectra® 3D and Vectra® Felis, has revealed that pet owners are increasingly confused by what parasites are being treated by their current anti-parasitic regime.

The research showed that over 60% of dog and cat owners believed their pets were being treated for ticks despite their ectoparasiticide having no claim to treat for that parasite. In addition, over 60% thought their pet and home environment were protected against flea eggs and larvae, even though the product they used did not contain a true Insect Growth Regulator.  

More worryingly, of those owners using a veterinary market leading topical ectoparasiticide, 70% thought it protected their home against immature stages of fleas, 53% thought it protected their pet against ticks and 22% believed it treated biting flies, despite the product having no data sheet claims in these areas. 

To demonstrate excellence in flea, tick and worm control and provide pet owners with an easy to use system that protects against common U.K. ectoparasites and endoparasites, Ceva has launched The Ceva Protection System for dogs, a simple two-step solution featuring Vectra® 3D and Milbactor® to provide comprehensive ectoparasite and endoparasite protection for dogs with one monthly topical treatment and one flavoured tablet. The Ceva Protection System also features Vectra® Felis, offering fast-acting flea protection for cats, and Acclaim® for sustained treatment of the pet’s home environment.

In addition, Ceva has launched a canine ectoparasite and endoparasite dispensing guide to provide veterinary professionals with an easy-to-use overview of the U.K.’s most commonly used veterinary licensed products. The document helps to guide vets and nurses through the key features of currently available parasiticides for dogs and enable them to clearly communicate the benefits of each product to their clients.

“There is clearly a lot of confusion amongst pet owners as to which anti-parasitic treatments should be used to provide comprehensive protection against ectoparasites and endoparasites and how frequently pets should be treated,” comments Rob McLintock MRCVS, companion animal business unit manager at Ceva Animal Health.  “The new Ceva Protection System and dispensing guide will help veterinary professionals to demonstrate excellence in flea, tick and worm control and prescribe to pet owners an easy to use system that protects against the U.K.’s common ectoparasites and endoparasites.”

For further information on The Ceva Protection System, Milbactor, Vectra 3D or Vectra Felis, please contact your local Ceva territory manager or call 01494 781510.

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