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The new generation of wireless equine DR X-ray system from BCF

Diagnostic imaging specialists BCF have just announced their next step forward in making equine vets lives easier. The new wireless Cuattro Slate 4 DR system available from BCF is now available with an Automatic Exposure Detection panel, which means the plate automatically recognises the radiation from the generator, with no need for a sync cable.

Gavin Mitchell from BCF comments:“This system, now makes the connection from any generator to the plate and from plate to tablet now wireless. This is the new revolution for equine DR. Our rugged tablet design makes it easy to show your client your images.  All you need to carry with you is the plate, tablet and generator. So much lighter to transport than previous DR systems and now also easier to move around the horse.”

Sarah O’Grady from BCF adds: “The powerful Cuattro software is so intuitive to use, allowing you to easily customise how your image looks. A simple three step process to take an image and just one button press to back-up images to PACS or the Cloud, makes the Slate so easy to use. If you are considering upgrading to DR or replacing your old DR system, then make sure you try out the new Slate 4.“

Take a look at videos of the Slate 4 in action on the BCF website, ask your local Account Manager for a free trial.

 The Cuattro Slate 4 and Slate 4 mini available now from BCF




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