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Practices urged to highlight risks of BPH during Canine Prostate Awareness Month

With more than 80% of male dogs over the age of five suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Virbac is again running Canine Prostate Awareness Month. Its' initiative is to highlight the prevalence of the disease and to encourage practices and owners to check for and seek treatment for it. CPAM takes place during November - or  ‘Movember’ as it’s called by those fundraising for male prostate disease and testicular cancer.

CPAM is part of Virbac's campaign to diagnose BPH, a painful condition which is often hidden. It is providing participating practices with promotional materials including owner educational and display materials, postcards, an email/text message service, a template press release for local media and free branded slip leads for owners who get their dog checked during the promotion.

Sarah Walker BVM&S CertAVP MRCVS, Product Manager, at Virbac, explained: “CPAM aims to remind owners that men are not the only ones to suffer from prostate disorders. It's a well-supported initiative and, running it at a time when  the media spotlight is already on the dangers of prostate cancer in men, means we can spread the message that owners should also be monitoring dogs for signs of prostate disease." 

Virbac has introduced Odelis™ CPSE, the first ELISA test to screen for, diagnose and monitor BPH.  It is available from three UK diagnostic laboratories. According to the company it is a cost-effective, precise and reliable alternative to rectal palpation. Virbac offers Ypozane, a simple tablet treatment for BPH, the effects of which can be seen within a week and last for six months.

Sarah Walker added: “The problem with BPH is that the majority of dogs suffer in silence. It is a painful condition that too often goes unnoticed until it reaches an advanced stage, where the owner notices blood in the urine or painful urination. 

"We’re providing practices with all the materials they need to promote the campaign locally and hope those involved will find it effective in terms of bringing clients into the practice for advice on BPH. We’ve also organised coverage in national dog magazines to drive clients to practices.”

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