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Contact Us logo Foot Trimming A series of refreshingly short videos on cattle foot trimming. Thanks to BVA's logo Best Practice in calf disbudding Understand how painful dehoring and disbudding can be for calves and learn how to best manage this pain in calves being dehorned or disbudded logo Evolving Diagnostic Protocols for BVD Eradication Learn about evolving BVD eradication programmes and how and when vaccination can support control programmes logo Effect of Metacam treatment of clinical mastitis on fertility Mastitis is widely known to affect fertility. Scott presents a recent landmark study showing that use of the Metacam, for treatment of mild to moderate cases of mastitis alongside an antimicrobial, increases fertility compared to cows just receiving an antimicrobial. logo Influencing Positive change in responsible use of antimicrobials through use of communication techni Learn about the techniques been developed at the University of Bristol targeted at facilitating communication between vets and farmers to to bring about action in reducing use of antimicrobials. logo Rationalising Mastitis Therapy This webinar demonstrates a systematic approach to reviewing mastitis therapy, using the Mastitis Therapy Checklist from Boehringer. logo The use of ultrasonography on swine reproduction in the field Webinar discussing the use of ultrasonography on swine reproduction logo 24/7 Emergency Care – A New Emphasis Watch the recording of this free webinar to find out about changes in the rules to OOH cover and how they will affect you. logo Best Practice in Calf Disbudding A free 30 minute webinar by Chris Hudson MRCVS on Tuesday 26th March at 7pm. Register NOW. logo Sheep Webinar A free recording of a webinar for vets on the state of the UK sheep industry. Thanks to TheWebinarVet and SVS. logo FREE Bovine Webinar A free recording of a webinar by James Russell on When is a down cow a downed herd, and how do I know? Thanks to TheWebinarVet. logo Reducing on Farm Resistance A recording of a free webinar on reducing antibiotic resistance in farm animals. Thanks to TheWebinarVet and Vetoquinol logo Clinical aspects of PRRS Understand the key factors to consider in the control of PRRS, including vaccination programmes and herd closure


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